Tim Fite Grapples with Technology on New 'iBeenHacked' LP

Tim Fite Grapples with Technology on New 'iBeenHacked' LP
Experimental Brooklyn artist Tim Fite has unveiled plans for a new record titled iBeenHacked, which is due out October 7.

The material was inspired by Fite's over-dependency on his phone, while the project itself was successfully funded via Kickstarter and recorded over the past few months.

"In keeping with the digital theme, the majority of the songs on this record are electronic based beat music — utilizing virtual instrumentation to the fullest extent," said Fite in a statement about the crowd-funding campaign. "Similar to my work on Over the Counter Culture and Under the Table Tennis, iBeenHacked will walk that jagged line between humour and gravitas — in effect hacking back at the digital powers that be."

A recent press release notes that, "production wise, Fite embraced the limitlessness of virtual instrumentation to create complex yet melodic beats to compliment his poetic social commentary."

Fite seems to be repairing his relationship with technology, as he's shared the album's title track digitally. You can give "iBeenHacked" a listen below and scroll down further to watch a trailer for the upcoming LP.