Tight Bros From Way Back When Runnin’ Through My Bones

Even though the bio on these guys insists that this CD isn’t a joke, there is just too much evidence to the contrary to believe that it’s not. First off, these Northwestern U.S. nerds certainly don’t look the part of a band pumping out mindless “Communication Breakdown”-era Zeppelin meets Back In Black- era AC/DC head-banging anthems. Secondly, to say that Kill Rock Stars isn’t exactly known for this brand of rock’n’roll is the understatement of the year. The name of the group doesn’t exactly demand a lot of respect either. In addition, Jared, the Tight Bros’ lead singer, has a vocal delivery that is so derivative of every metal cliché in existence that it’s impossible to really ever get into. If this record came out on a major label about 12 years ago it would have been largely ignored and considered just bad hard rock for losers. All in all, this just isn’t that funny, good or interesting. (Kill Rock Stars)