Tiger Saw Sing!

Tiger Saw have yet to make two records featuring the same line-up. With Dylan Metrano being the one constant in the band, they have now morphed into a sprawling collection of musicians (from a wealth of other bands including Wolf Colonel, Unbunny and Milkweed) who loyally follow Metrano’s vision. That vision has changed somewhat since the band’s last album Gimme Danger/Gimme Sweetness was released last year. Instead of the relentless bleakness that drove that record along at a snail’s pace, there’s almost a joyfulness to Sing! that comes a surprise, albeit a pleasant one. It all kicks off with the title track, an uplifting celebration of all the reasons for the band to sing, and this optimism continues throughout the other ten songs. But while there is no denying that this is a beautiful sounding record, it relies too frequently on the same tricks for each song. For example, most songs have a chorus that consists of one line being repeated by a choir of voices; while it makes Sing! sound like a charming fireside sing-along, it does make it a predictable listen. Still, considering the huge jump in the band’s evolution that Sing! represents, it will be very interesting to see where Tiger Saw go next. (Kimchee)