Tiësto / Various In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia

Welcome to Positive Energy 101. If it feels soft, warm, and glowy, it will probably make you smile. Tiesto’s newest mix was recorded and mixed in Thailand, and this release does the job when spreading some great vibes to trance fans. The first CD basks in a warm ray of sunshine — and some elements of rock music — featuring songs by King Unique, Three Drives and Cary Brothers. "The Storm” by Jerry Ropero, featuring Cozi, can be sad and soft. Rachael Starr’s "To Forever” is a love song of highly touching variety. The second CD for In Search of Sunrise 7 comes straight out and is to the point, communicating beautiful emotions and energy through very hot tracks such as "Kenta” by Beltek. Some of these include Tiesto’s "Driving To Heaven” and gorgeous album closer "Beyond the Stars” by Manila Rising. This record made me appreciate Tiesto for the global following he’s gained, and the strong music he makes. (Black Hole)