Tiësto / Various In Search of Sunrise 5 — Los Angeles

For the last decade in England there has been a much-quoted commercial for Ronseal Quick Dry and Wood Stain: "It does exactly what it says on the tin.” The same can be said for this double CD release from a man widely considered to be the best DJ in the world. Certainly he is one of the biggest names in the business, the first DJ to play the Olympics’ opening ceremony and the headliner for the ribbon cutting of new Toronto superclub Circa this month. The two mixes are exactly as one would expect for the fifth in the series; ever-evolving progressive house, techno and trance typical of a late, late summer night set on a Californian beach. Needless to say the track selections are "can’t-fail” anthems and the mixing is unparalleled making this compilation another slam-dunk for any Tiëstoholic. (Black Hole)