Tiefschwarz/Various Misch Masch/Eleven Remixes

Constantly heralded last year as hopeful saviours in dance music, Germany’s Tiefschwarz (aka the Schwarz brothers, Ali and Basti), haven’t yet readied a follow-up to their 2002 debut, Ral 9005, but have come up with the next best thing. Misch Masch is an utterly delicious continuous mix of electro-house tracks the boys have been spinning across the world in their DJ sets. Featuring heavyweights like Tiga (his remix of Drama Society’s "Crying Hero”) and legend Derrick May ("The Dance”), Tiefschwarz focus on giving the disc personality over consistency, dropping in all sorts of tempo shifts and beat modifications. Mylo’s juicy single "Drop the Pressure” (subtly remixed by Riton) is a good call with its hook-filled potty mouth vocals, and the inclusion of two acidic slices of electro by Matthew Jonson ("Decompression” and "Folding Space”), effectively balances out the two ends. As a bonus, the brothers have added a second disc of some highly sought after remixes. While the mix is impressive enough to stand on its own, Eleven Remixes is their moment to shine and reveal their talents beyond the turntables as music makers. This disc is also the first time many of these songs have been available on CD. There’s plenty to discover including unreleased mixes of Truby Trio’s "Universal Love,” Mocky’s tongue twisting "Mickey Mouse Muthafuckas,” and their own "Blow Dub,” an album highlight. Their massively popular and superior mix of Spektrum’s "Kinda New” from last year is included in all of its glory, as is their treatment of DJ Hell’s "Listen to the Hiss,” complete with Alan Vega’s grumbles. A better precursor to their sophomore album — due later this year — just isn’t conceivable. (Fine)