Tickle Me Pink Bassist Died From Heroin Overdose

Tickle Me Pink Bassist Died From Heroin Overdose
A Colorado coroner is citing a heroin overdose as the cause of death for Tickle Me Pink's 22-year-old bassist Johnny Schou. Schou passed away on July 1, the same day the Fort Collins, CO band released their major-label debut, Madeline, on Wind Up Records.

In an interview with NBC News, Tickle Me Pink vocalist Sean Kennedy said, "The last two weeks he was living were honestly the happiest two weeks I had seen him. We had been on Warped Tour, he was so excited with the record coming out. We had just woken up to do an interview with The Denver Post that morning, so to find this out was a total shock."

Initially, the band insisted that neither substance abuse nor suicide were to blame for Schou's death. When no cause was apparent at the scene, tests later proved that heroin was in Schou's system at the time of his death.

Despite the tragic turn of events, Tickle Me Pink have moved forward in efforts to promote Madeline and are preparing for a U.S. tour with Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Finch.

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