T.I. Announces "Unapologetically Gangsta" 'Trap's Open' Album

T.I. Announces "Unapologetically Gangsta" 'Trap's Open' Album
His recent album Paperwork: The Motion Picture was neither the critical nor commercial success he likely hoped it would be, so Atlanta rap veteran T.I. is already hard at work on its follow-up.

In a recent interview with HHS1987 (available below), the rapper explained that he's already started up on his next LP. He added that Paperwork is a trilogy of albums. 

"The first instalment, The Motion Picture, was supposed to be cinematic," he explained. "It was supposed to be nostalgic. It was supposed to kind of give an application of the sounds of yesteryear mixed with the hip-hop of today."

The next piece in the trilogy will be an album called Trap's Open. As its title suggests, it'll be made up of pure, uncut trap music. "This next one is going to be unapologetically gangsta," he said of the release. "It's trap music."

When asked if the album has any other rappers featured on it, T.I. simply answered, "Not yet."

Stay tuned for more information on Trap's Open as it becomes available.