T.I. "Broadcast Live" (video)

T.I. 'Broadcast Live' (video)
Though the MLB post-season is starting up shortly without the Seattle Mariners, it's nice to see that Atlanta rapper T.I. is reppin' the Pacific Northwest hard with his choice of headwear in his latest music video. There's more to the video for Da' Nic track "Broadcast Live" than that, though, with the clip taking a day-in-the-life approach to inspecting T.I.P.'s Bankhead neighbourhood's dope scene.

It all starts off with a bit of dealing by the corner store, which leads to a discriminatory chase scene. T.I. rides around the city and sits on stoops talking about keeping your nose clean, paying your dues, not being a snitch, and taking your lumps if you get caught in the dope game.

There are also cut-scenes of he and a pal purchasing hush puppies and jumping into a fake news broadcast about local "crackheads."

You'll find the T.I.P.'s new clip down below.