Thy Pain More Than Suffering

A tasty little EP here from Thy Pain, an American band doing Swedish death to near perfection. It's got all the ingredients for a Gothen-good time, including (but not limited to) chainsaw guitars, frantic scissor beats, some melodic vocals, killer riffs, catchy hooks. Yup, although they add in a few interesting musical asides, we've heard it all before, just not usually from Jacksonville, Arkansas. Thy Pain keep their songs (and this release) short and to the point, which helps to keep the listener engaged in music they've more or less already heard; a full-length could be too much. Thy Pain (brutal name) are another gang of musically adept thrashers that can write great songs, but just need some time to develop their own sound. They're getting there, and when they arrive, look out. (Deadsun)