Thurston Moore Announces New Caught on Tape LP, Slags Off Black Metal as "Music Made by Pussies of the Lowest Order"

Thurston Moore Announces New Caught on Tape LP, Slags Off Black Metal as 'Music Made by Pussies of the Lowest Order'
Following the proper announcement of Thurston Moore's new The Best Day solo LP, the legendary experimental guitarist has revealed another collaboration with John Moloney as Caught on Tape. The pair's Full Bleed pours into stores October 21 via Northern Spy.

A press release for the set, which follows 2013's Banjaxed Blues, describes the record as containing "nine Herculean sludgefeasts dripping of gnarly metal-damaged heaviosity and punk-jazz skronk-splattered fury." Despite the heavy hits of Moloney and the "black metal riffer vibes" coming out of Moore, the press release presents the LP as an experimental exploration of the "maligned genre" and the "hatred" present in the culture surrounding it. This would seemingly be inspired in part by the Moore's experience playing with Twilight, whose final album III: Beneath Trident's Tomb arrived earlier this year.

"Black Metal is music made by pussies of the lowest order, and we felt it was necessary to investigate this aberrant anti-music behaviour," Moore and Moloney said of the genre and Caught on Tape's approach to it. "We feel like the sound and attitude of black metal is a loss of self, life, light and desire in a way where it becomes so negative that a whole new bliss arrives where we become super pussy."

While samples have yet to be unleashed, the record apparently mixes flavours of black metal with avant-garde jazz noodling ("Self-Rule") and Sonic Youth-style "space rock jammage" ("Arguing with a Balloon"). You'll find the tracklisting down below and the album art up above.

In related news, Twilight/Nachtymystium member Blake Judd is currently embroiled in controversy, standing accused of ripping off his fans. An anti-Judd Facebook page has been created to "raise awareness of Blake Judd of Nachtmystium and his illegal actions, primarily stealing from fans and not fulfilling orders for merch."

Full Bleed:

1. Age Limit

2. Nothing Glamorous

3. Full Bleed

4. Self-Rule

5. Arguing With a Balloon

6. Dispute

7. Reverse Funeral

8. Unsupervised

9. Rubber Grandma