Thundercat Details Flying Lotus-Produced Debut, Gets Erykah Badu to Guest

Thundercat Details Flying Lotus-Produced Debut, Gets Erykah Badu to Guest
Virtuoso bassist Stephen Bruner has collaborated with a number of people over the years, from a stint with German boy band No Curfew to jamming with Snoop Dogg and Stanley Clarke to joining legendary thrash punks Suicidal Tendencies at the age of 16, a position he still holds today. With that much experience behind him, it was only a matter of time before he branched out on his own. Enter Bruner's new project, Thundercat.

A press release for the sci-fi jazz funk artist explains that Bruner's been recording his tunes for years, but never thought to release them. When experimental electro producer Flying Lotus weighed in on the situation though, Thundercat had a change of heart.

Fittingly, Bruner's record, The Golden Age of Apocalypse, features a ton of guest musicians, from Erykah Badu to members of Sa-Ra to his drummer brother, Ronald Bruner, Jr. The set is described as "a lush and magical document combining classic jazz fusion, futurist electronic strains and timeless musical seeking."

Standouts are said to include "upbeat soul strutter," "Walkin'" and "Fleer Ultra," which demonstrates Bruner's wild bass playing. You can download the ultra-smooth and spacey "Daylight" here.

The Golden Age of Apocalypse comes out August 30 via Brainfeeder. Check out the tracklisting below.

The Golden Age of Apocalypse:

1. "HooooooO"
2. "Daylight"
3. "Fleer Ultra"
4. "Is It Love?"
5. "For Love I Come"
6. "It Really Doesn't Matter to You"
7. "Jamboree"
8. "Boat Cruise"
9. "Seasons"
10. "Goldenboy"
11. "Walkin'"
12. "Mystery Machine (The Golden Age of Apocalypse)"
13. "Return to the Journey"