Thuja Suns

Thuja's Suns is a perplexing minimalist experiment in ambience that sounds more composed than just randomness. Only traces of strings are heard, the rest sounds like air passing through pipes and vehicles passing far ahead and below water and concrete in an industrial area. Plenty of distortions reflect about — as if microphones were placed inside the mind of a nameless person (like the song titles) wandering through this landscape, and the subject's inner turmoil, be it physical (like brain damage, on verge of a stroke or cardiac arrest due to overdosing on stimulants) and/or mental illness create these humming tones that compete with what's really going on. The listening attention factor is quite magnetic as well — there are plenty of eddies and currents of soundwaves that flow and ebb, and the midrange frequencies that rule this recording go straight to the centre of the brain and lock one in place for much longer than the 50-minute running time. (Emperor Jones)