Throwing Muses Announce Career-Spanning 'Anthology'

Throwing Muses Announce Career-Spanning 'Anthology'
It's been 25 years since alt-rock trailblazers Throwing Muses released their first album in 1986. And while it's been eight years since the group released a new LP, the group have lined up a retrospective compilation.

Entitled Anthology, the collection will come out via 4AD. Unlike most career-spanning comps, a press release confirms that this "eschews most of the singles in favour of personal favourites, and enjoys a non-chronological sequence which makes for interesting juxtapositions and encourages a reassessment of the music."

The 21-song best-of comes packaged with a hardback book and a 22-track bonus CD containing B-sides and rarities. This extra disc includes covers like "Manic Depression" (Jimi Hendrix), "Cry Baby Cry" (the Beatles) and "Amazing Grace." Interestingly, the collection contains two different songs called "Cry Baby Cry," one of them an original.

In a statement, singer-guitar Kristin Hersh said this about Anthology: "It's beautiful and substantial, thanks to awesome David Narcizo / Lakuna Design -- a chunky, 28-page hardcover booklet and two CDs -- one CD consisting of a hand-selected retrospective track-list by Kristin, David and Bernard, and on the other the collected B-sides, including the original Lonely is an Eyesore version of 'Fish,' the long-lost 'Hillbilly' and the original version of 'Back Road (Matter of Degrees).' And yes, the release will be supported by Throwing Muses live dates."

Stay tuned for those Throwing Muses shows that Hersh promised. Anthology is due out September 5 in the UK, and likely the next day in North America. The tracklist is below:


CD 1:

1. "Garoux Des Larmes"
2. "Finished"
3. "A Feeling"
4. "Marriage Tree"
5. "Fish"
6. "Hate My Way"
7. "No Way in Hell"
8. "Colder"
9. "Tar Kissers"
10. "Mr. Bones"
11. "Limbo"
12. "Summer St."
13. "Furious"
14. "Bright Yellow Gun"
15. "Pretty or Not"
16. "Flying"
17. "You Cage"
18. "Two Step"
19. "Vicky's Box"
20. "Mania"
21. "Cry Baby Cry"

CD 2:

1. "Hillbilly"
2. "Same Sun"
3. "Amazing Grace"
4. "Cottonmouth"
5. "Cry Baby Cry"
6. "Manic Depression"
7. "Snailhead"
8. "City of the Dead"
9. "Jak"
10. "Ride into the Sun"
11. "Handsome Woman"
12. "Like a Dog"
13. "Crayon Sun"
14. "Red Eyes"
15. "Tar Moochers"
16. "Serene Swing"
17. "Limbobo"
18. "If"
19. "Heel Toe"
20. "Take (Live)"
21. "Finished (Live)"
22. "Back Road (Matter of Degrees)"