Throwdown Sign to Koch, Readying Deathless

Throwdown Sign to Koch, Readying <i>Deathless</i>
Yet another band have finally found asylum from the war of attrition between hardcore label Trustkill Records and its acts. Orange County, CA metal/hardcore outfit Throwdown have announced a move to Koch Records, effective at the onset of 2009.

While the embittered battle between Trustkill Records and a few of its artists has calmed as of late - many bands allege the label has not lived up to its contractual responsibilities - 2008 did see plenty of column inches dedicated to mud-slinging between acts and the company. Thankfully though, this straight edge quartet have taken the high road, only discussing the positive twist to their fortune.
"Signing with Koch Records is a breath of fresh air for us," notes front-man Dave Peters in the band's official press release. "Koch looks at their artists in a progressive way and can see that what we've given a decade of our lives to build is still far from completion. It's no mystery that the music industry is caught in upheaval right now. We're confident in the mutual autonomy of Koch and Throwdown to come together and not only weather the storm, but thrive in it."

Touted as "the largest independent record label in the United States," Koch is a fitting home for Throwdown, as it also houses similarly-heavy acts and touring mates In Flames, Hatebreed, Satyricon and High On Fire.

In conjunction with the news of moving to Koch, Throwdown also confirm that writing has already begun on sixth full-length, dubbed Deathless. While writing is far from complete, the band shy away from commenting on speculation that it will feature the same - and highly revered - metallic tendencies of last year's Venom and Tears , only acknowledging a tentative plan of finishing writing, selecting a producer and recording Deathless by spring.

Throwdown "Burn"