Throw Rag Desert Shores

Hurling the CD into high lo-fi gear. Throw Rag open up their rocking can of worms with "Space Hump Me.” It’s hard to say if the presence of Big Boys infamous front-man Tim Kerr at the production helm had any effect on the group’s overall sound, but regardless the band shines in their utter gutter trash glory. Throw Rag sound like a supercharged Dead Moon, heading for a group of Pagans, but end up crashing into a bunch of Lazy Cowgirls, and looking like a bunch of Stooges. Some bands sound and perform as if they’re from earth, and others as if they’re from out of this fucking world; Throw Rag is the latter. Whether it’s "Hang Up,” "Beware of the Dog,” "Hollywood,” "Johnny Que Paso” or "Bad Seeds” the stereo remains turned up to its distorted maximum and wet dreams of witnessing the band live haunt the evening hours. (BYO)