Through The Eyes Of The Dead Malice

Malice is quite an accurate portrayal of what Through the Eyes of the Dead will inflict on their listeners with this latest album. With new front-man Nate Johnson (ex-Premonitions of War) on their side, Malice is as outrageously chaotic as it is heavy, and has the ability to fully satiate any death metal lover’s appetite for something raw. The mature guitar riffs brought forth by Justin Longshore and Chris Anderson coalesce violently (but nicely) with bassist Jake Ososkie’s work, which collectively backs up the frantic drumming and guttural growls that are needed for a band such as this to thrive. It will be interesting to see if it’s even remotely possible for Through the Eyes of the Dead to hit harder on their next album when Malice does it just right. (Prosthetic)