Thoughts on 2008: The Bicycles' Dana Snell

Thoughts on 2008: The Bicycles' Dana Snell
To tide us over while we indulge in the holiday spirit gorging on stuffing and egg nog, we asked a bunch of musicians to tell us their thoughts on 2008. Some of them replied with lists of their favourite music, some told us their fondest memories and some came up with much more creative ways to commemorate this past year.

The Bicycles drummer Dana Snell took us through each month of 2008 to give us her personal bests:

1. January: getting snowed in at Andrew Scott's cottage with the Bicycles and many of the Adorables. Doing acid, listening to Russian mountain jams and almost ruining the hot tub.

2. February: recording overdubs for Oh No It's Love.

3. March: meeting my boyfriend Andy Lloyd in Lisbon to see him play with Caribou, then stealing him away from them for a week-long vacation.

4. April: Andrew's 30th birthday at the Horseshoe; he played an awesome show with his band Steamboat and then revealed he was dating Maylee Todd for real. This ties with my little sister Jocelyn's first ever art show.

5. May: Bicycles photo shoot with a six-foot giant B. Bicycles live on CBC Go!

6. June: The Adorables playing in my mom's backyard for her 50th birthday.

7. July: The Adorables playing our first show in a year (not counting my mom's backyard) at Wavelength, going to the $100 CD release party at the Horseshoe.

8. August: SAPPYFEST! Playing drums with the Goodtimes for Dusk Dances. Andy comes home for good from a year-long tour with Caribou

9. September: Laura Barrett's CD release. Finally getting my driver's license. Playing Dabo and watching Dan Werb as Guinan at the second annual Trekzac Festicon.

10. October: playing with the Rural Alberta Advantage and successfully subbing for the very talented Paul Banwatt. The Bicycles east coast tour with Young Rival.

11. November: Oh No It's Love CD Release party at Lee's Palace (this is probably a life highlight). The Bicycles' west coast tour with Hot Panda.

12. December: Christmas will be nice.