Thoughtbug A Few Suggestions

Yet another opportunity for underrated producer Savilion to showcase his skills as a beatsmith, Thoughtbug’s A Few Suggestions is a melodic hip-hop album with lots of change-ups and musical movements that easily flow together (and even blend from song to song) without sacrificing the boom bap. It’s just a matter of time before you’ll be hearing Savilion’s name more often. Thoughtbug, one quarter of Creature Box, is well adapted to the production style of his fellow Creature Boxer, whether he’s rapping or singing (which he doesn’t do often enough), and drops some (surprise!) thought-provoking lyrics about musical influences, the lack of interaction between individuals in modern society, and of course hip-hop, including some bodacious bragging. Even the guest appearances — Savilion, Toad 1 (also of Creature Box), Concepticons members Insight and Psyclops, and Ill Seer — are plenty nice. And at only 40 minutes, A Few Suggestions is also easy to listen to from front to back. Picking it up would be one good suggestion. (Independent)