Those Peabodys Unite Tonight

More ’70s-inspired rock from ex-indie kids is what you get here on the second album from Austin's Those Peabodys. Since they released their first album, they've toured the U.S. twice with such notable acts as ...Trail of Dead. While their first album had an endearing and fresh approach to the genre of hard, modern, stadium-style rock, this one seems a little too slick, uninspired and unwilling to colour outside the lines. Songs like "Denim And Diamonds" do manage to get the "led" out, but there aren't really enough peaks and valleys here, just a lot of straight-ahead classic rock inspired riffs that tend to blend together, making for a boring listen. The vocalist also seems to be holding back a lot of energy, as if he's not completely into the music and/or not fully clear on what kind of band he's in. (Tiger Style)