Thomas Stajcer "Any Old Road" (video)

Thomas Stajcer 'Any Old Road' (video)
Hespeler-born, Halifax-based Thomas Stajcer works as the head engineer at Joel Plaskett's Scotland Yard studio, but he's stepping out in front of the mic for an album of his own.
Will I Learn to Love Again arrives on June 8, and he's teased the upcoming release with a video for "Any Old Road."
The record hears Stajcer saluting "the sneer, whimsy, and frankness of outlaw country pioneers" like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr., and he even enlisted the help of Plaskett for co-writing credits on "Love Me Now (Or Never Again)" and "Wildfires."
"Any Old Road" is injected with some added rock'n'roll energy, and the accompanying video sees Stajcer downing swigging booze and firing a rifle — just like any old-timey country western icon.
"I had this great riff with this bouncing rhythm section and I thought: 'Hey, wouldn't this be a fun revenge song?'" Stajcer tells Exclaim! "So we dialed up the honky-tonk, set to it a slow-motion video, and threw in some nods to old Technicolor Westerns to play off the rowdiness of the track."
See the end result in the player below.