Thom Yorke Remixes Brain Music

Thom Yorke Remixes Brain Music
We all knew Thom Yorke was brainy, but we didn't know it was going to get this real. Yorke, along with Simon Tong (Gorillaz/the Verve), John Maclean (Beta Band) and others, is set to remix tracks from Cortical Songs, an album of songs based on the rhythmic activity of the human brain.

FACT reports that a remix EP based on the songs from Cortical Songs will feature reworkings by Thom Yorke, Neil Grand & John Fisher, Gabriel Prokofiev, Jem Finer, Marcas Lancaster, David Prior, John Maclean, SImon Tony, Dominic Murcott, Andrew Prior and Marcus Coate. The EP will come courtesy of NONCLASSICAL Recordings, from whom a release date is yet to be confirmed.

The original album was composed by violinist John Matthias and producer Nick Ryan who found, during their "research into rhythms and timbres derived from neuronal models of the human brain," that there was definite musicality in the way the human brain fired off neurons. Scientific literature seconded their findings, and called the repeating neurological sequences "cortical songs," after which they named the 2008 LP.

UPDATE: As Exclaim! reader Pawel Zietek points out, the Cortical Songs remixes, including Yorke's, have been available for some time. In fact, you could order yourself a copy of the record, remixes attached, here

In related news, Thom Yorke's fellow Radiohead bud, Phil Selway, will release a solo LP later this summer.