Thom Yorke Questions Radiohead's Best Of

Thom Yorke Questions Radiohead's <i>Best Of</i>
Radiohead's Thom Yorke has spoken out about his band's former label's "best of" collection. Much to Radiohead's chagrin, EMI has assembled Radiohead: The Best Of (out June 3), celebrating the band's six albums released through imprint Parlophone over their ten years on the label.

In an interview with Word Magazine, Yorke questioned the idea of the collection saying, "We haven't really had any hits so what exactly is the purpose?

"There's nothing we can do about it. The work is really public property now anyway, in my head at least. It's a wasted opportunity in that if we'd behind it, and we wanted to do it, then it might have been good."

Yorke also took the time to discuss the band's former label, adding: "Personally I just wanted to forget about it. It didn't feel right. And now it's like when you move house: you don't want to peer through the window and see what they've done with the wallpaper because it will only upset you.

"The idea what we were after so much money as to stretching the truth to breaking point," he says. "That was [EMI boss Guy Hands'] PR company briefing against us..I was so was a clear indication that the relationship was over."