Thom Yorke Featured in Mexican MAD, Remixes MF DOOM

Thom Yorke Featured in Mexican <i>MAD</i>, Remixes MF DOOM
Ever since he pissed off Miley Cyrus, Thom Yorke has been popping up in the most unexpected places. Like the cover of the Mexican Mad Magazine. As Stereogum pointed out, the Radiohead front-man was given the cover treatment from the Mexican version of the long-running satire magazine, seen as a literal radio-head on the cover. Good one, Alfred. Inside the magazine, some amateurish drawings depict the front-man hanging out with Care Bears and The Simpsons' Waylon Smithers, among other things. See the drawings here.

Besides the Mexican satire, Yorke was recently commissioned to remix "Gazillion Ear," a track from the highly anticipated new MF DOOM album Born Like This, due March 24. If you're desperate to hear Yorke take on a hip-hop track, make sure you pay for your download, as the track is available as an iTunes-only bonus.