This.Day.Forward The.Transient.Effects.Of.Light.On.Water

This.Day.Forward continues the trend of three-word monikers that have proliferated at an alarming rate in the world of metallic hardcore - reviving the '80s thrash trend, one would assume - but in the process emerges as one of the most competent and proficient of the current crop of hardcore noise purveyors. Not far removed from the intensity or artistry of Converge's landmark When Forever Comes Crashing album, and, truth be told, at times is a little too close, especially vocally, T.D.F nevertheless has created a striking album with The.Transient.Effects.Of.Light.On.Water. Obtuse artwork (calming blues, oranges and photographs of nature's serenity) immediately sheds a confusing if not unwelcome light on the proceedings, but, musically, it is violent, ominous, metallic and scathing, only occasionally interspersed with fleeting melodic moments that establish a dynamic contrast. Heavy, emotional riffs dominate, lending a dark and oppressive air while segueing into breakdowns that are a far cry from typical mosh fare. T.D.F. is extremely proficient at this form of musical abuse, at times demonstrating a musical and lyrical kinship with contemporaries Poison The Well. "Cupid's Diary," "Kissing Perfection" and " End of August" admirably demonstrate This.Day.Forward's ability to hold their own with the peers of the genre while displaying seemingly limitless potential for future endeavours. (Eulogy)