This Band Just Made a $7,000 Record out of Hash, and You Can Smoke It

This Band Just Made a $7,000 Record out of Hash, and You Can Smoke It
Water and light sensitivity, virtual reality, and holograms are only a few of the innovations vinyl record manufacturers have included with their products within the past few years. As it happens, Slightly Stoopid may have been holding the key to ensuring vinyl becomes a billion-dollar industry this year thanks to creating smokable records pressed from hashish.

Billboard reports that the concept and the hash record itself are the brainchild of Silverback Music's Jon Phillips, who also manages the band. "It's all about putting two old-school vintage mediums together," he told the publication. "Vinyl is an old-school medium, and that's how we feel about hashish, too."

Two prototypes of the record were made using $6,000 USD worth of bubble hash, a variety of the cannabis extract that bubbles in contact with heat. The prototypes were then stamped and mastered at Los Angeles's Capsule Labs, which cost an additional $1,000 USD.

The prototypes were stamped with Slightly Stoopid's instrumental track "Dabbington," taken from 2015's Meanwhile...Back at the LabBillboard reports that the first prototype produced passable sound quality, while the second produced "questionable audio." A third and final attempt will be created early this year.

"Originally, we wanted to do this to bring awareness to legalization," said Phillips. He also plans to market bubble hash branded by his band to dispensaries, with a portion of proceeds going to cancer research. The finished record itself may be auctioned for charity or kept at the Silverback offices, labelled by Phillips himself as "an art piece."

Find more photos of the hash record-baking record-making process here.