Think About Life Family

Think About LifeFamily
Fans of Think About Life may find themselves floored, confused or both mere seconds into Family, the Montreal trio's sophomore LP. In 2006, the Denver Post declared Think About Life "the new Liars," unaware that the band would follow the same sound overhaul the Liars underwent between albums one and two. The best moments of Family feature vocalist Martin Cesar's TVoTR "Dancing Choose"-styled sing/rap/scat over speedy Kanye-esque samples, moving at outwardly random paces while coming off as both stylish and well-conceived in the process. Of course, an album this unabashedly loose can't help but sound goofy, however Think About Life incorporate goofy in the same manner they do complexity, confidence, vision and adventure. Mostly sounding like two Tom Tom Club twelve-inches playing simultaneously, Family completes a rare feat in the canon of "departure LPs," with one hand in their pockets and the other on everything else they could possibly reach for. (Alien8)