Thine In Therapy

Thine’s sophomore album, In Therapy, starts out so strong with moody tracks like "Best Kept Secret” and "Feel,” but then leaves you disappointed. It’s not that the album is ever truly bad, it’s just that it slowly morphs into a generic Brit-pop effort, heavy with depression and fuzzy guitars. Penetrating melodies and plaintive vocals bore inside you right off the bat, but things start to unwind and In Therapy moves from hauntingly soothing to rather dull. What a let down. In many ways, Thine can be easily compared to fellow Brits Anathema, particularly in the best songs (coincidence?), with similarities that surface mostly through the vocals and the vaguely psychedelic atmosphere. Thine has written several good tracks, but unfortunately listening to In Therapy all the way through is a bit of a chore. (Peaceville)