They Said "Fuck"? Bands React To Juno Noms

They Said 'Fuck'? Bands React To Juno Noms
As we reported earlier today, the Juno Awards are lavishing the expected top Canadian acts with multiple nominations, including Nickelback and Celine Dion. But heads were turned when it was announced this morning that bands such as Moneen and especially Fucked Up were getting nominations.

At the press conference in Toronto's Fairmont Royal York this morning, Moneen's Kenny Bridges said he was shocked when he first found out his band's DVD, It All Started With A Red Stripe, was nominated for a Juno. "This is a big surprise to us because we haven't released an album in three years, and we didn't know what we could be nominated for," Bridges said.

Bridges yelled his support when it was announced that Toronto's Fucked Up were nominated for Alternative Album of the Year. "You'd think with a band called Fucked Up, the Juno committee would stop right there, but I'm so happy they didn't," Bridges said. "I'm also surprised at this press conference that they actually said the word 'fuck,' it's great."

Saint Alvia Cartel said they are very excited to be nominated for a second year in row, this time for Video of the Year. Drummer Matt Richmond said he thinks it's great to see new and talented bands being nominated. "It's good to see a band like Fucked Up get nominated, but I'm not surprised," Richmond said. "With the way they're going, they've been on the way up since they've started so it's kind of a logical progression to have their careers go."

Bridges said Moneen tend to fly under the radar for things like big award shows, but he's glad to finally be a part of it with bands like Fucked Up and Cancer Bats (nominated for New Group of the Year). "When you see your friends around you it makes it even better because it's like we're all doing something good, we're pushing the other crap away and getting some meaningful stuff in there."

And if you're wondering just what Fucked Up themselves thought of the Juno recognition, front-man Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham posted a puzzled response on his Voice of Dissent blog. Titled "WTF?" the blog reads: "Today I woke up to find that we have been nominated for a Juno. This is proof positive that there is a glitch in the matrix. For the unfamiliar, the Junos are the Canadian Grammys but even more conservative."

Saint Alvia "Blonde Kryptonite"