They Come In Threes Blindsided Pt.1

Detroit's They Come In Threes has enough energy to challenge a daycare centre. In fact, their debut album seems rather preschool-ish. The songs are achingly poppy all the time and there is never a dull moment. They're the kids that never get tired of entertaining, running around in circles until they fall down from being too dizzy. The music is somewhere between the more up-tempo Pixies tunes and the candy pop of the Push Kings. Case in point is "Rubber Band Collection," where the band members yell, "I've got rubber bands!" or "June Starts With Monday," which actually sounds like they're playing with toys. The fact that they use plenty of synths and all sing together doesn't make them any more grown up either. An entertaining record, but a warning must go out to all kindergarten teachers if you don't like to take your work home with you. (Fall of Rome)