Theophilus London "Snow Angel" (ft. Trouble Andrew)

Theophilus London 'Snow Angel' (ft. Trouble Andrew)
We're two-thirds of the way into winter, but experimental rap guy Theophilus London is getting a few more seasonal licks in with a chilly new single called "Snow Angel."

The track, a collaboration with Trouble Andrew, rides by on a tweaked sample of Radiohead's Kid A opener "Everything in Its Right Place," while the snowflake soft hook might be giving the slightest of nods to '50s pop song "Teen Angel."

The verses have London working in thematically appropriate mentions of dangerous black ice and some recreational snow-blowin', but the dude warms himself up significantly midway through the cut ("Steamin' in the jacuzzi, feelin' woozy / Trippin', sippin' on the patruzzi").

You can stream or download "Snow Angel" down below. It's unclear if the song will figure on London's previously hinted at, Kanye West- and Drake-assisted new LP.