Theo Parrish Unveils 'American Intelligence' Album

Theo Parrish Unveils 'American Intelligence' Album
Detroit artist Theo Parrish showcased the Black Jazz Signature on his compilation of the same name last year, but he'll be busting out his first LP of original material in seven years later this month. Dubbed American Intelligence, it arrives through Sound Signature on November 17.

The album was teased earlier in the year via the unveiling of Parrish's "Footwork" single, which appeared on a 12-inch single in the summer. White label copies of the set had reportedly popped up in Detroit shops earlier this month. A mailout from Sound Signature [via Juno] confirms that the official release arrives as a triple LP and a double CD.

Interestingly, as you'll see down below, the tracklists offered up vary depending on the format, with the vinyl version carrying nine cuts and the CD housing 15. The sequences are likewise shuffled, with "Footwork" leading off the wax platter but closing out the CD edition. Among the guest appearances, "Ah" and "Be in Yo Self" feature guitarist Duminie DePorres and R&B vocalist Ideeyah.

You'll find all of the information and a video for "Footwork" down below.

  American Intelligence LP:

1. Footwork 

2. Cypher Delight 

3. Ah (ft. Marcellus Pittman, Ideeyah, Duminie DePorres) 

4. Creepcake 

5. Make No War 

6. Drive 

7. Fallen Funk

8. Be In Yo Self (ft. Ideeyah, Duminie DePorres)
9. Helmut Lampshade 

American Intelligence CD:

Disc one:

1. Drive

2. Life Spice

3. Welcome Back

4. Tympanic Warfare

5. Fallen Funk

6. Ah (ft. Marcellus Pittman, Ideeyah, Duminie DePorres)

7. Make No War

Disc two:

1. Cypher Delight

2. …There Here

3. Thug Irony

4. Creepcake

5. I Enjoy Watching You (ft. Sass & Ruby)

6. Helmut Lampshade

7. Be In Yo Self (ft. Ideeyah, Duminie DePorres)

8. Footwork