Thegodshatekansas For Snakes EP

It takes a band with some serious chops to even attempt to share a stage with the likes of NoMeansNo or Fugazi and not look like total amateurs. Bay Area bashers thegodshatekansas are probably one of the few unknown bands with both the courage and the talent to pull it off. As if the cryptic band name and song titles like “In Through the Cat Door” and “Gorilla Suits are Expensive these Days,” and their choice of gig mates weren't enough to tip you off, the quartet are a sort of a scrappy, riff-happy post-punk art-rock combo that fuses bludgeoning Gilman St. garage punk (à la Fifteen and Rice) with old-school agit pop (kind of like what Hüsker Dü used to play). My only complaint is that there aren't more songs here. (Bad Monkey)