THEEsatisfaction Reveal Debut Sub Pop LP

THEEsatisfaction Reveal Debut Sub Pop LP
Last summer, we learned that iconic indie imprint Sub Pop had bulked up its burgeoning hip-hop roster by signing Seattle-based duo THEEsatisfaction, with plans to release the group's full-length debut sometime in 2012. It look as if those plans have now become a reality, since the experimental outfit's debut LP awE NaturalE is scheduled to drop this spring.

Following a handful of self-released CDs and self-financed tours, Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White's first effort for the Sub Pop squad arrives March 27. The group's style is said to fall under the out-there category of "funk-psychedelic feminista sci-fi epics," while mixing in touches of jazz and soul, and featuring "unorthodox but right-on-time rhythms." You can check out the tracklisting below.

Apparently eschewing trends to strive for something less gimmicky, "they'll face you and relate what's in their hearts, faithfully and incorruptibly." Considering the spaciness of labelmates Shabazz Palaces, it looks as if Sub Pop is priming themselves as a hub for rap that's well beyond the norm.

awE NaturalE:

1. "awE"
2. "Bitch"
3. "Earthseed"
4. "QueenS"
5. "Existinct"
6. "Deeper"
7. "Sweat"
8. "Juiced"
9. "God"
10. "Enchantruss"
11. "Needs"
12. "Crash"
13. "natural"