The Royal Foundry "All We Have" (video)

The Royal Foundry 'All We Have' (video)
Edmonton folk-turned-electro-pop outfit the Royal Foundry release their debut full-length Lost in Your Head later this summer, but first, the four-piece have prefaced the LP with a brand new video.
"All We Have" was originally a folk-leaning tune by the band's core songwriting duo Jared Salte and Bethany Schumacher, but they've adapted it to fit their newfound pop sound.
"We wanted to revisit it because we really liked the melody and the flow of it, so we grabbed all the stems of the previous version and started messing around with it, almost treating it like a remix," Salt explains. "Then we also recut new vocals. The song itself, even in its early form, is very joyful and happy because that's where we were at at the time as newlyweds. It's that powerful moment when you know you're with the person you're supposed to be with for the rest of your life and the person who makes you feel whole, finally. And I think that feeling carries through in both the words and the music."
The words and music now have some fresh visuals, as well — and totally by chance.
"The making of this video was complete luck," the band tell Exclaim! "From having the perfect weather conditions, to meeting the most amazing 1950s diner owners who also were loving pet parents for two monkeys, to achieving the perfect drone shots in a drive-in movie theatre."
Shot in the American Midwest, the clip was filmed entirely using drones over the course of just one day. See the final results down below.
Lost in Your Head is due out on August 15, and you can also find the band's upcoming live gigs listed below.
Tour dates:
08/12 Winnipeg, MB – Canada Summer Games
08/24 Edmonton, AB – The Needle Vinyl Tavern