The Lonely Parade

Baltimore House, Hamilton ON, September 9

The Lonely ParadeBaltimore House, Hamilton ON, September 9
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
With the release of sophomore album No Shade a mere week away, Peterborough rock trio the Lonely Parade gave the Baltimore House crowd the idea that the release is bound to be what longtime fans have been waiting for: a definitive statement filled with introspective lyrics, tight hooks and excellent musicianship.
Opening up with new album cuts "Window" and "Family Reunion," the tunes showcased textures both math-y and beach-y, bouncing back and forth between bassist Charlotte Dempsey's more melodic singing and guitarist Augusta Veno's rawer vocals, often contorted into a fierce yell. All the while, drummer Ani Climenhage held down the back of the stage with technically skilled prog-rock fills. All these elements culminated in the lengthy, shifting "Newfoundland," where dreamy verses gave way to fuzzy chords, screaming vocals and a jam-like denouement.

Watch out when No Shade drops: it's bound to make an impact.

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