The Internet Thinks Migos Shot Their "Bando" Video in Windsor

Did the famed rap trio try to pass off the Ontario city as Atlanta?
The Internet Thinks Migos Shot Their 'Bando' Video in Windsor
Migos rolled into Toronto last night (May 16) as part of Future's "Nobody's Safe tour," apparently marking the first time the triplet-flowing trio set foot on Canadian soil. But if the latest rap conspiracy theory holds any weight, the group might have visited the city of Windsor, ON, years earlier to shoot the music video for their hit "Bando."

The theory was floated to listeners by Facebook user Kristopher W Ives, who jokingly posted a video alleging "Migos fake their hood in their own music video." To prove his point, he lined up a still from "Bando" with a Google Maps street view of Windsor's Edison Street.

The row of abandoned houses (or bandos) shown in the video appear all too briefly in the clip for "Bando" at the 45-second mark. The Cricket-directed video is sitting just shy of 10 million views.

From clicking around the map in street view, it doesn't appear that the rest of video was shot in the exact location of the homes, but you can see for yourself in the player below and make what you will of the whole theory.

Migos delivered their C U L T U R E LP earlier this year.