The Dirty Nil

Exclaim!/K-Lite Stage, Hamilton ON, September 9

The Dirty NilExclaim!/K-Lite Stage, Hamilton ON, September 9
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
There's nothing "bubblegum" about the Dirty Nil's punk rock, but that didn't stop gum-chewing guitarist Luke Bentham from blowing some bubbles during the band's scorching Supercrawl set on Friday night (September 9).
With Bentham's wailing vocals, bassist David Nardi's photo-friendly posturing and drummer Kyle Fisher's furious percussive backbone, the band churned out tune after tune filled with rocking riffs and plenty of punk flair to a large crowd of cheering, moshing fans.
Still riding off the success of their debut album Higher Power, it was tracks from that release that offered the night's biggest hits. The band's thesis statement: "You can be pissed off if you want to" (from the track "Cinnamon") rang through the crowd, and while the tunes were angry, they offered catharsis rather than lawless rebellion.
Though Bentham had ditched his trademark star-spangled shirt for a red checkered pattern, the Dundas band were the same as ever: equal parts fun and furious, delivering a tight set.

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