The Callous Daoboys Die on Mars

The Callous Daoboys Die on Mars
The state of Georgia hasn't had a hardcore band go quite as hard as the Callous Daoboys since the Chariot broke up in 2013. The band similarly splice together feedback-heavy breakdowns and speedy punk riffs, but their sense of humour shines through in everything they do, while keeping the music abrasive. It's as if Iwrestledabearonce came back as a Dillinger Escape Plan cover band, and added in a violin player to throw people off.
The album starts with nothing but insanity, as the spastic blasts of noise cut through on "Flip-Flops at a Funeral." Showing that Die on Mars isn't going to be a straightforward hardcore album right from the start, the band slip into a jazzy break built for a beach trip before slapping out another banger of a breakdown. From there, the madness only continues, with "Dogfight Over the Trenches" and "Fake Dinosaur Bones" featuring incredibly unhinged vocals sitting atop sleazy hardcore riffs.
The band take sporadic breaks from the noise to deliver unsettling violin and piano sounds, coupled with haunting clean vocals. "Die on Mars (Side Story)" and closing track "Die on Mars (Addendum)" are great for giving some breathing room in the album, as well as keeping the unnerving vibe present, no matter what is happening.
The Callous Daoboys are easily one of the catchiest and extraordinary hardcore bands of the last few years. Die on Mars is a promising release from a fresh young band giving hope that the mathcore scene won't die off as some of the greatest within the genre continue to disappear. (Dark Trail)