The Beverleys Break Up, Plot "Funeral Party" Shows in Toronto

The Beverleys Break Up, Plot 'Funeral Party' Shows in Toronto
The Beverleys broke out last year with their debut full-length offering Brutal, but it seems the Toronto-based band are already calling it quits.
The group are shutting down operations just as their aforementioned album arrives on vinyl, electing to host a joint LP release and farewell show in their hometown next month.
The so-called "funeral party" will take place over two days (April 15 and 16) at Smiling Buddha in Toronto. The first night will feature sets from P0st3rb0y, Lizzy Boredom, DJ Twist (a.k.a. Laura Hermiston), special guests and the Beverleys (billed as the Schmeverleys). Night two will star Plasmalab, Surinam, Crosss, DJ Odonis Odonis and the Beverleys (this time billed as the Neverleys).
Doors open at 8 p.m. both nights, with tickets going for $12 in advance or $15 at the door. Full information on the upcoming farewell shows can be found here.

UPDATE (3/30, 1:30 p.m.): In a statement to Exclaim! the band have opened up about their decision to break up. It reads:

There were a few reasons and they all came together and made it kind of inevitable, but mainly we collectively just couldn't commit to the kind of touring schedule really needed to support our music, and that started to inform how we moved forward and shaped our own individual values. We love being on the road and we love performing, but lives started to diverge in what was most important to us, so we've got to honour that, even as junks. It sucks! So bad! We had a total blast and are so goddam proud of our recordings and what we managed to accomplish and this was a really special thing we had going, but what can you do. We're insanely grateful to the Toronto musicians and community and fans for supporting us and of course to those Buzz guys for taking us in and believing in our band. Ok Funeral party! xxx

Brutal was produced by Josh Korody of Beliefs and Shehzaad Jiwani of Greys, and was released last fall through Buzz Records. Be sure to grab a fresh copy on vinyl when you say goodbye to the Toronto trio next month.