The Ape-ettes

Beach Stage, Field ON, July 16

The Ape-ettesBeach Stage, Field ON, July 16
Photo: Sarah Greene
You knew what you were in for when you heard the Ape-Ettes soundchecking with "Mommie's Drunk" (a Maow song) on the beach — they did the whole thing later as a great cover; the lyrics sounding kind of radical, as it's rare to hear about a mother on a drunken rampage, fed up with her situation. The Ape-Ettes, a one time a full-blown Maow cover band, often play scrappy little flurries of songs, staying close to their punkabilly roots.
But the Sudbury trio has expanded beyond that, stretching into psychedelia and subway guitars. Switching effortlessly between English and French, the band even played a new song inspired by a trip to Hawaii, sharing a rather sludgy, strange and trippy ode to the place.
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