Thank You Golden Worry

Thank YouGolden Worry
Somewhere between nihilism and thoughtful order, Baltimore, MD's Thank You charge at listeners with the gorgeous menace of their fourth release. The three-piece bolster their intricate drums and guitar interplay with intermittent melodic vocals and all manner of organs, wind instruments and virtually anything else they can get their hands on to add vivid colours to their spastic workouts. Late period Fugazi is evident in the chug and squeal of "1-2-3 Bad," a bold introduction to the Krautrock-influenced world of Golden Worry. The implicit intention is freedom, a punk rebellion from form that enables dynamic pieces like "Birth Reunion" and "Pathetic Magic" to blend cathartic rhythms and tones with a full-blown freak-out, à la the Ex or June of '44. Crafting something taut out of a loose sound is never the easiest thing to do but, with Golden Worry, Thank You accomplish just that with grace and grit. (Thrill Jockey)