Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones Eat Shit + 1

This is a remixed and remastered reissue of Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones' first album, on a new label and with one new track tacked on for good measure. With a bad attitude befitting the awesomely titled Eat Shit, these glam-punk shockers bring to mind comparisons with such infamous bands as the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and the Plasmatics. For an L.A. band with a singer with Texas as her first name, these guys sound a lot more like a New York group than anything else, with a Dictators cover, "Baby Let's Twist," sealing the deal. This record manages to avoid the pitfall other more "visually focused," nudity-loving bands often fall into, which is to pay no attention to their playing, songs or production, hoping the boobs and crazy antics will make up for it all. Thankfully, songs like "Cavewoman," "Holy Ghost" and "Sad Life" all kick some barroom butt, mainly thanks to Terri's impressively raspy pipes. The only problem with this record is that they should have put the less-than-flattering cover photo inside the booklet and the much cuter nude doughnut and whip cream eating photo up front. (Junk)