Test / Chepang Split (EP stream)

Test / Chepang Split (EP stream)
Music is the great equalizer. Need proof? The split EP between Test and Chepang allows the self-professed "nomad grindcore" and "immigrindcore" bands to communicate via the musical language of grind, despite shouting lyrics in Portuguese and Nepalese, respectively. You can check out the dual-language release here exclusively until its May 31 release via Cricket Cemetery (pre-orders here).

Both bands had humble beginnings. Test started their career playing generator-powered shows outside of metal concerts in their native São Paulo, while Chepang's time growing up in Nepal affected their ethos (they formed the band in the US, where they moved years prior).

Despite the threatening music, the message is best summed up by the Dalai Lama quote sampled in Chepang's "Kyacha Pyakha," which states, "Changing minds only through compassion or education, not by force."

The bands echo the sentiment via a statement on their joint musical venture.

"These songs truly mean something not only through the use of traditional beats used by both bands in their songs but also messages that are tied to each other. These songs not only reveal individual identity and culture of both bands but also somehow represent the common goal of spreading the message of love via blast beats. It's not about exclusion and inclusion but more about unified worldwide grindcore without borders."

The split mates will be touring this spring in support of the release. Scroll down to find details on those shows, then listen to the four-song release in the player below.

Tour dates:

05/31 New York City, NY - Saint Vitus
06/01 Manchester, NH - Bungalow Bar & Grill
06/02 Montreal, QC - Earslaughter Vol. 3
06/03 Toronto, ON - Coalition
06/04 Buffalo, NY - Sugar City