TesseracT Altered State

TesseracTAltered State
UK-based progressive wizards and djent pioneers TesseracT have gone through a particularly challenging series of line-up changes over the course of their relatively short career. Formed in 2003 as a studio project by guitarist Acle Kahney, TesseracT established a full-line-up by 2007, and while most of that line-up has been static, they've gone through three vocalists during two full-lengths and two EPs (not counting the two vocalists that served before they recorded any material). After Daniel Tompkins established their sound on the Concealing Fate EP and One full-length, and Elliot Coleman filled the role on the Perspective EP, Altered State features yet another singer: Ashe O'Hara (Voices From The Fuselage), and this time the change feels not like a fill-in, but a return to form. Gone is the awkwardness of Perspective, and instead Altered State is a strange, complex exploration, one guided by O'Hara's brilliant, clarion voice, which cuts through the intricate, layered guitars like a shooting star. This is a record that's technical without being cripplingly self-conscious, and dense and textural without losing emotional impact. In particular, the heaviness of the riffing contrasted against the dreamy vocals on "Nocture" is a moment of brilliance. Baroque in complexity and dripping romantic drama, Altered State is a strong move in the right direction for TesseracT. (Century Media)