Bottom Out

TesselaBottom Out
Stacked on top of a remix and a shorter experimental piece, there is really only one serious track on Bottom Out, but it's an interesting cut. Tessela has taken his time in serving up fresh tracks since "Hackney Parrot," his somewhat bombastic, beguiling breakout jungle track. In the interim, he has tempered his maximalist tendencies and compressed this restraint into a few truly unique slices of off-the-wall scattershot techno. Both jarring and taut from the beginning, "Bottom Out" seeks to extend this tendency further.
Piercing noises punctuate the relentless stream of ricocheting metallic clicks as they rise and fall with the dense and shuddering sub-bass beneath. Sounding like a careful deconstruction of Paul Woolford's seminal "Erotic Discourse," "Bottom Out" manages to maintain an infectious shuffling energy seemingly without the aid of any overt kick-drum antics. Kowton's remix reneges on this point, adding a certain rhythmic order as his point of departure from the original. For balance, "Total Music" rounds out the record with three pleasant minutes of jarring melodic intrigue.
All told, Bottom Out is the finest example to date of Tessela's increasing interest in the odder recesses of dance floor functionalism. (R&S)
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