Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo "Jamacian Girls"

Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo 'Jamacian Girls'
Lynn is one of the most interesting new artists from Jamaica. Eschewing the time honoured practice of proving one's worth in the dancehall — always much harder for women to begin with — she has embraced European and North American-bred dance music. The title of her first album "Kingstonlogic" was directly inspired by Daft Punk's "Technologic," and was released in Canada through Last Gang — not a typical route for an artist from Trenchtown. In classic terminology, she is a "sing-jay" who both sings and raps over a track.

She is both outspoken and omnivorous in her tastes in dance music and has put a high priority on collaborations with non-Jamaican artists. RCRD LBL hosts a new tune made in collaboration with Swede Johan Hugo, one half of Radioclit, the team responsible for last year's extremely popular download "The Very Best Mixtape" featuring Esau Mwamwaya. It's a concise and conscious roll call of Jamaican Girls who have gone on to international fame (including Grace Jones, even though "she's kind of spooky") done over a pop-friendly electro-dancehall base.

The track comes from an EP put together by Red Stripe beer entitled It Was Written, which is available as a free download from the Fader.

Download or stream "Jamacian Girls" here.