Terror "Mind at War" (video)

Terror 'Mind at War' (video)
We've all got battles to fight, and oftentimes they're with ourselves. This frightfully inward scenario is the crux of veteran hardcore crew Terror's new single, "Mind at War." Fittingly enough, a new video for the crushing cut has been fit with plenty of conflict-heavy visuals.

The video blends vintage wartime clips of bombings and ground battles with a newer narrative that includes the sight of an emotionally fraught man in a straitjacket, and another masked man brandishing sharp objects. There's also a possibility that this could be the very same person.

You'll find the clip, which stars the WWE heavyweight champion Seth Rollins, down below.

Vocalist Scott Vogel said of the single in a statement: "Lyrically, everyone can relate to this. All our minds are at war within ourselves and this fucked up world. We needed a visual that bought to life the dark side of our thoughts and the Tom Soares legendary production really shows on this track."

"Mind at War" is on Terror's upcoming The 25th Hour LP, which Victory Records issues on August 7.