Terrestrial Tones Dead Drunk

The roommate duo of Avey Tare (Animal Collective) and Bjorn Copeland (Black Dice) has increased the prolific outputs of their respective bands by rapid-firing releases as Terrestrial Tones. Dead Drunk is the third effort to emerge in just over a year, and it captures the duo undergoing considerable growth. This is by no means a "serious” project — Terrestrial Tones’ debut, Blasted, was about as self-indulgently fun and off-the-cuff as vanity splinter groups can be — but rather a light-hearted and incidental musical dialogue between two friends that can’t help but continually shape their singular visions together into one casual identity. For this very reason, Dead Drunk is probably only of interest to the most devout Black Dice and Animal Collective fans, as its mostly synthesised and glitched-out psychedelic soundscapes are essentially the sound of two dudes messing around for the hell of it. For those with adventurous taste who aren’t turned off by laptops or tomfoolery, Dead Drunk definitely has what you’re looking for — fresh, fun frequencies to melt your mind or zone out to. (Paw Tracks)