Terratomb Rebirth through Destination

This Nova Scotia-based quintet formed in 1998 seemingly for the sole purpose of opening for the Misfits. Well, whatever gets you motivated, I guess. Either way, I’m kind of glad they did. With the release of this, their first disc in five years and second full-length, the band have shown they’re almost a force to be reckoned with and at the very least, are on the second tier of Canuck metal. Although the cover art and name suggest bar-level thrash, this one actually plays out more like current Canadian war metal, and with the raw production, frantic vocals and hilarious double-time beats and riffs that’s pretty much what it sounds like. But the purists are going to raise a cocked eyebrow, because those are some classic metal riffs in there. Hell, in "Miserable Existence” the band busts into a pseudo-Maiden riff run. So the sum of this band’s parts is pretty cool, even though a deconstruction is bound to confound. But I love that unhinged drumming, maniacal guitar work and the feeling that it could all fall apart at any given point. And check out the last six seconds of closing tune "Bitter End.” Now that’s how to end an album. (Independent)